Reading response D

“The Concept of a Meta-Font” reminds me of the news I read couple of years ago. It said that one student from MIT Media Lab launched a project that he developed a software which were able to generate posters based on simple instruction. I was quite shocked by this project because it challenged my notion about design. In some sense, this article gives me a similar feeling of it.

What design means to me is the creative behavior driven by human, not any structure built by human. Even though it is human that make all of rules, the creation here somehow relies too much on the outcome machines give to us. In other words, we are barely able to imagine what would happen if we change one parameter of the system until the computer runs it and show it to us. We may come across some fantastic experimental results from the exploration, if fortunately, but is it too easy that we do without our brain and hands?

What I learn from my limited experience in design is the most intriguing idea of my design comes from nowhere. It happens unconsciously and turns out unexpectedly. However, how does it happen in computer?