Reading response E

This week I did the interview with Jingqiu, one of my friends from architecture school. During the interview, she mentioned "immersion" is one of answers to the question that how a design work influence people in a more powerful way, as well as Maya Lin's website about extinct animals. It's quite a coninsidence when I read Maya Lin's article after our interview.

I think local websites are quite like architecture, in which the local website oughts to interact with the surroundings. It has its logic which provide as a guide for visiters to explore the websites as well as surroundings. Here, the local website is more like a "bridge" between digital world and real world.

On the other hand, the local website is also a "shield" when it comes to personal privacy. "You should own your information and profit from it. You should have your own servers. Your destiny, which you signed over to Facebook in order to avoid learning a few lines of code, would once again be your own." Paul Ford have a good argument on this point. The local website here act as a private garden to protect user privacy, especially when we have come into a era where the information warfare are trying to corrade our democracy.